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I have been in the Software Development space for the past 5 years. In this period, I have met different types of software developers. Those who are cocky, those who are laid back, those who are shy, those who promise more than they can deliver, and those who promise little but will leave you starstruck. I have come to identify and interact differently with all of these categories of developers.

With my relatively short time being in the software development field, I have encountered some great software developers. Developers who fascinate me with their degree of understanding and knowledge o…

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In a previous article, I shared how to secure users’ passwords. That article posits hashing users` plaintext passwords secures them.

Well, that’s only a half-truth. Hashed passwords don’t entirely secure them. Simply transforming the plaintext password into an intangible, irreversible string doesn’t entirely secure them. However, hashed passwords remain secure compared to storing user passwords in plaintext in a database.

Hashed passwords are irreversible and scrambled, yet they remain susceptible to brute-force attacks and rainbow table attacks.

With brute-force attacks, the attacker generates hashes from different combinations of computer characters hoping to match the hashes in your database.

Consider having…

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Everybody craves peak productivity. Whether you’re self-employed or working for another person. We all want to be productive with our time. I don’t believe we wake up and purposefully while away our time doing nothing, well maybe working on something, but not on the important things that matter.

Striving for productivity can be daunting for most people. A lot of the days you wake up brewing with loads of energy. You even wager on how productive your day will be. Yet the day ends, and you’re exhausted, feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your inputs and outcomes.

Being a developer, this…

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Right off the bat, I don’t use and will never use WHERE clause to join tables.

This article is an attempt to convince you to do the same if you are using WHERE clause. Instead, use ON clause to achieve table joins.

Do you perform table joins with WHERE clauses? Please don’t ask me to review or help you find that frustrating snag in your query.

Are you asking me why?

I told you, I’m no fan of the WHERE clause used to join tables. I employ it only for data filtering. It rubs me off in a bad way…

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Authentication is integral to the security of computer applications and systems. Robust authentication is even much of a bigger concern with web-based applications and other internet-enabled applications. Just consider how easily accessible they are by just entering a domain in a browser URL.

Internet-based systems have the internet as their direct access key. This means a robust authentication system is a must have to prevent unauthorized access.

Many online applications adopt password-based authentication as their primary authentication. They may then augment that with other authentication methods, such as 2FA and biometric authentications. …

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Love is beautiful and heartwarming. Even more when the experience is mutual and with the right partner — a partner who invests as much as you do.

It takes two committed individuals to make love flourish. I hold an analogous view of a romantic relationship to a garden having a tree and two labourers. The tree only grows tall and green when both labourers commit themselves to prune and water it. Its growth stunts and eventually it dies if only one of the two labourers commits to the service.

A relationship is hard work. A lot of hard work. Working…

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One of my old-time friends recently visited me. We’ve been friends for so long, it’s over a decade now. We lived in the same hometown, attended the same high school, and proceeded to the same university.

He stayed only a couple of days when he visited. On one of those days, I returned from work to find him watching an intriguing family drama movie. Being exhausted from my day’s job, I joined him — sliding into my favourite single seater sofa with a tremendous sigh, hoping to while away some time.

It wasn’t long after I joined him when a…


On a regular Friday at work, one of your colleagues come asking “Hey X, can I steal an hour of your time later today? I have this snag I’ve been struggling with this entire week

You have been busy yourself the entire week and you still have quite a backlog to clear before you leave for what is looking like a relaxing weekend. This means your obvious response is NO. …

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I’m not sure if it’s only me who feels uncomfortable with this attitude. I honestly feel irritated when I see it happen. I wonder, why can’t you just look him in the face. Is he not human? I know he looks wretched, wearing rags and smelling awful, but he is still human. He deserves recognition as one.

Just look him in the face.

That right there sums up my heart-wrenching moments every time I spot a beggar soliciting help from individuals who will not the least look them in the face and recognize their presence.

The Gesture Is As Valuable As Money

I understand almost everyone is…

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Your inner critic is your enemy. He lives to intimidate and hinder your life’s progress.

A little admission, your inner critic’s truest intent has always been to make you better by pointing out areas in your life that need improvement. Only that he does it so obsessively and bluntly with no regards for how his opinions leave you rather brimming with negative emotions that erode your self-esteem and willpower. The net benefit turns out to be destructive.

Consider how many times you have looked in the mirror and thought, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m ugly and unlovable.” How about walking…

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