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How many of us love first-person plural pronouns — “we”, “us”, “ours”? We employ them every chance we get for both genuine and disingenuous reasons.

Secretly, many are unknowingly using it as a coverup of their fears and insecurities.

First-person plural pronouns are powerful. They connote teamwork and open-mindedness towards…

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Confidence is attractive, and charismatic people have a lot.

They speak with their chest out, shoulders up, and gaze straight into your soul when speaking.

They present their thoughts and opinions with resolve in a steady cadence.

Beyond the body language and cadence of their voices, charismatic and confident people…

Photo by Kássia Melo from Pexels

Twenty minutes into patching a software bug and I’m already struggling to maintain a singular focus.

Aargh! such a tough bug. For days, this bug has been chipping away at my sanity with no clear pointers on where it’s lurking.

Well, I may have finally discovered the module harbouring this…

Felix Otoo

Software Engineer, Writer, Lofi Music Lover

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