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Every good software developer I know does these things

I have been in the Software Development space for the past 7 years. In this period, I have met different types of software developers. Those who are cocky, those who are laid back, those who are shy, those who promise more than they can deliver, and those who promise little but will leave you starstruck. I have come to identify and interact differently with all of these categories of developers.

With my relatively short time being in the software development field, I have encountered some great software developers. Developers who fascinate me with their degree of understanding and knowledge o…

It’s the least you can do.

I’m not sure if it’s only me who feels uncomfortable with this attitude. I honestly feel irritated when I see it happen. I wonder, why can’t you just look him in the face. Is he not human? I know he looks wretched, wearing rags and smelling awful, but he is still human. He deserves recognition as one.

Just look him in the face.

That right there sums up my heart-wrenching moments every time I spot a beggar soliciting help from individuals who will not the least look them in the face and recognize their presence.

The Gesture Is As Valuable As Money

I understand almost everyone is…

Take back control of your life and steer its course.

Your inner critic is your enemy. He lives to intimidate and hinder your life’s progress.

A little admission, your inner critic’s truest intent has always been to make you better by pointing out areas in your life that need improvement. Only that he does it so obsessively and bluntly with no regards for how his opinions leave you rather brimming with negative emotions that erode your self-esteem and willpower. The net benefit turns out to be destructive.

Consider how many times you have looked in the mirror and thought, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m ugly and unlovable.” How about walking…

Learn About the 5 Strategies You Need To Do Better.

I forget people’s names, and this is extremely embarrassing for me.

It’s one of my biggest problems. One that I’ve worked on for so long to correct. I continue to struggle with it even today. Although I’m much better now since I recognized and adopted these strategies I share in this article.

Forgetting people’s names has often dampened my reputation. On some occasions, it has characterized me negatively to people. People without knowledge of my challenge have considered me unsocial, awkward, unfriendly, prideful, egoistic, and other unpleasant labels.

It is difficult to start conversations with people if you struggle with…

Happy Mother’s Day

It's funny how the feelings still remain.
It’s been only a couple of months,
but it still feels like you, you not gone, not dead, but you are here.
There are times when I pick up the phone, and I want to tell you about something that happened to me;
I pick up the phone and I look up your name and I realize you’re no longer here.

This moment here’s got me thinking about you.
All these memories locked in my room.
I’ve been trying to make sense,
I’ve been trying to understand. …

SonarQube and similar code quality and security tools are so much blessing

SonarQube and other quality check software are a blessing.

Without them, we end up deploying code with an awful lot of bugs, dead code, unreachable code, code smells, security vulnerabilities, and much more.

A lot of developers’ initial impression and experience with code quality tools is that they introduce needless friction and bottlenecks to the development and deployment processes.

We consider the friction and bottlenecks introduced to our development and integration workflow as a slash to developer productivity.

For now, you are pardoned to hold on to this strong premature consideration until you experience the substantial rewards from these tools.

Programming terminologies, terms, and jargon are imperative to effective developer communication and collaboration.

I enjoy paired programming.

I enjoy doing this when bug tracking and bug fixing. I enjoy logical analysis, problem-solving, and coming up with functional and sometimes very optimized solutions.

I enjoy paired programming with entry-level developers even more, as they sometimes have very little experience and are just getting their feet wet.

Paired programming with entry-level developers has given me the opportunity to appreciate how much important language and ubiquitous language are.

Technical terms, terminologies, and jargon are imperative for effective communication. It’s how you express intent and elicit an accurate response or action.

Working with entry-level developers, I have…

The top opinions front-end developers have about Angular (the rewrite).

What is a framework?

Well, if you ask me, a framework is akin to a carpenter’s toolkit. It comes with a collection of tools that make the carpenter’s work easy. Everything in the toolkit is to make him powerful and productive. A carpenter knows the different tasks that he can complete with the tools in his toolkit.

Much like the carpenter and his toolkit, we have the advantage as front-end developers to not have one toolkit, but a plethora of them. We have the privilege to choose per project, a toolkit to streamline and expedite our development to production.


5. Help others and you will be helping yourself

Life will take you through what is called education. You will go through this education in different settings and time-spaces. Each of them when taken more keenly will shape and mould you into better versions of yourself — physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and so on.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to serve and function under brilliant individuals you can call my superiors, my bosses, managers, etc. People whose primary role was to supervise and steer my path using their experience, insight, and expertise, which far outstretched mine in whatever setting that was then.

I share some of the…

I know they work, but please let’s remove these code smells

My team and I are currently engaged in upgrading our Odoo ERP from version 12.0 to 14.0. This exercise also includes upgrading our custom modules as well, ensuring compatibility with version 14.0.

Some of the modules being upgraded were developed over six years ago. It’s therefore not surprising to chance on code blocks that make the hair on my skin stand up straight.

Such code blocks often suggest code smells. I couldn’t resist but clean these up and give them some refreshing look after all these years.

With this article, I believe you can also do the same with your…

Felix Otoo

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