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Software Engineer | Writer | Song Writer

Every good software developer I know does these things

I have been in the Software Development space for the past 7 years. In this period, I have met different types of software developers. Those who are cocky, those who are laid back, those who are shy, those who promise more than they can deliver, and those who promise little but will leave you starstruck. I have come to identify and interact differently with all of these categories of developers.

With my relatively short time being in the software development field, I have encountered some great software developers. Developers who fascinate me with their degree of understanding and knowledge o…

Time to regain your once infectious passion and enthusiasm and become a better developer

Junior developers often have an infectious passion and excitement. But with my experience in software development, which goes beyond five years, I’ve come to notice a lot of junior developers after six months to a year start to lose that infectious passion and enthusiasm they came in with. They move very quickly from the once passionate and enthusiastic developer to the frustrated and sullen developer.

They turn into the developer who is constantly frustrated with why their ideas and proposals always being turned down. Why their brilliant code is constantly being flagged for review and refactoring. …

Time keeps going, and we keep growing

Time seems to fly so quickly; maybe it does when you finally realize you’re now completely responsible for yourself and most of the things you once were dependent on others for — food, shelter, clothing, money, etc.

I turn 29 this year, and this means in the past 29 years I’ve had the privilege to experience life considerably. There are still a lot of experiences to have, places to travel, new people to meet. But so far, with two decades and 9 years, I’ve come to learn some things as life truths. …

Podcasts are the new radio

Software Development involves a lot of fast-paced activities. It’s important for software developers to stay abreast with the important changes that affect the landscape. Our field changes so fast, it is easy to get stale with your knowledge base and skill set within a matter of months. There is always something new to learn — new concepts, methodologies, programming languages, frameworks, design approach, etc.

I’m personally not keen on chasing the whole caboodle of changes happening in the software development space. Rather, I’m more focused on the changes that impact my current skill set, tech stack; I’m interested in new…

An honest expression

Just yesterday, I realized, again, that, your love for me surpasses anything that I can in my human elements do to prove myself that I’m worthy of you. I know deep down how much I do love you. I know how I yearn to be exactly like you. To come unto the image of who you are. To have you reside deep inside of me. But just yesterday, I realized that your love is transcending anything I could ever do within and without myself, and there is no way I can prove to you how much I do love you…

You never get over the loss, you learn to live with it

In this life, I’ve learned that we are often feeling invincible. We feel invincible when it comes to the subject of death. It obvious to us all how close death is, but we are also very good at dismissing how close it actually is to us. Maybe this pretentious disposition is actually what makes us human and helps us maintain our sanity. Rather than entertaining the thought of death and mulling over it, we reject the thought outrightly whenever it invades our consciousness. …

A poem

Don't… don’t say you are not good enough
Don’t… don’t look down on the road you’ve been on
Don’t… don’t detest these humble beginnings
Don’t lose hope cause your seeds are taking a whole lifetime to grow

Hold… hold on to the things that you know, deep down in your bones are true
Don’t… don’t listen to the chatter all around you
See, so many experts you can find in this world today, claiming expertise in these fields they have no experience in

Many who believe in only what can be seen
Not knowing what is unseen is equally real

A poem

For dreamers only.
Keep walking slowly.
Keep the dream on lockdown.
Keep your head raised to the sky-high.

For dreamers only. You’re walking slowly. Not looking back to the past, cos the past is laid behind you. Believe when you try, and take your chances. Reality is how you choose to see it. So you better find a good pair of lenses. Through the rainy days, and the sunny days, don’t give up on your faith. Don’t cower now and don't give in to these voices. I know they get loud sometimes, and kind of piercing. I know the naysayers…

A poem

Why’re you holding back?
Bout time you put your feet in the waters and got your feet wet.
No child’s going to do what a man’s got to do,
unless you put your hands to your chest.
Yes, to your chest.
Feeling scared, thinking about everything they’re going to say if you don’t make it to the end.
To the end…

Nobody cares, life is all about you,
and what you did with your life when your life ends.
When the curtains close,
when you know it’s time for you to go,
but you have to go on your own.

A poem

My father who art in heaven,
please hear my cry.
I’m lost in my mind.

It’s been a while since I spent time in your presence.
I’m hoping I’m not too late though.
It’s your prodigal son, was out in the world trying to figure things out.
Was trying to build roads to places unknown.

I know you set me on this road, But I’ve spent all my time, though, investing in things that wouldn’t last. Lost it all, every single one of what you’ve given to me, life, hope, peace and harmony. Even the gifts that were meant for…

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